Friday, July 3

City Hall

City Council

Mayor Ray Musser

Term of Office 2012-2016

Mayor John V. Pomierski

Mayor Ray Musser moved to Upland in 1957 to attend the former Upland College on a music scholarship. He and his wife Fern raised their four children in Upland. Prior to opening his own insurance business in 1972, he was employed with Sunkist Growers and the City of Riverside. Mayor Musser is President and CEO of Ray Musser & Associates Insurance Services.

Mayor Musser serves on the Azusa Pacific University Board of Trustees (Emeritus) since 1971 and is a member of several San Antonio Community Hospital groups: Frances Mary Paul Circle, Cardiac Care Club, Business Benefactors, and San Antonio Society. He is a liaison of the Upland Community Foundation and Upland Fire Foundation, and is an active member of the Upland Chamber of Commerce and the Upland Foothill Kiwanis Club. Ray and his wife, Fern, attend Pomona First Baptist Church.

Mayor Musser was elected to the City Council in 1998. He was re-elected in 2002, 2006 and 2010; and appointed to the office of Mayor on February 28, 2011, and elected to the office of Mayor in 2012. He serves as the City’s representative to the San Bernardino Association of Governments Board Member, SANBAG Board of Directors (Vice-Chair) Metro Valley Study Sessions; SANBAG Commuter Rail & Transit Committee; a member of OMNITRANS Executive Board and Plans & Productivity Committee; V Trans Board Member; Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG); Community, Economic, and Human Development Committee. He serves as Chairman of the Housing Authority Board. Mayor Musser serves as representative to the Foothill Freeway Corridor Design Authority.