Tuesday, July 7

Upland City Library


Current Fundraising Projects:

Endowment Fund

You may realize that the library is a valued necessity in our lives.
Help us build an Endowment Fund by "purchasing" a part of the library. The Endowment Fund is planned to be funded by selling back to the library as a gift in perpetuity or as a memorial, pieces of furniture already existing and structural items such as the newspaper racks, bookshelves, etc., and structural items such as the stairway and pillars of the library. Plaques will be mounted on each gift or memorialized article. We welcome the opportunity of discussing with you the various alternatives available, so please call 909-931-4203 for an appointment.

Book Plates

Celebrate a life, a special occasion or honor a friend, family member or even yourself by adding a name to a bookplate for a $50.00 donation. Each bookplate will be affixed to a new case bound book at the library (only one name per bookplate and no specific subject matter). Your contribution for each bookplate will help build the Foundation's endowment for the Upland Public Library. To order a bookplate please call the library at 931-4203 or
Download a Book Order or Bookplate Order Form here!

Foundation Books to Order

William G. Kerckhoff, Utility Empire Builder (1856-1929)
A biography by Henry W. O'Melveny documents Kerckhoff's many contributions in hydroelectric energy and natural gas for Southern California. The reprinting of this book was made possible by a generous grant from an anonymous donation and the Upland Public Library Foundation. Paperback, 5x8 inches, 76 pages, b/w photos. $15.00+tax.

A Place in Time

Published by the City of Upland, is an illustrated audio tour of 27 historical homes and sites. 12 page Pamphlet with photos and history of the 27 homes +1 cassette.

Citrus Roots .. Our Legacy Vol. I
Selling the Gold: A History of Sunkist & Pure Gold

By Rahno Mabel MacCurdy, V.A. Lockabey, edited by R.H. Barker. This is another wonderfully illustrated book currently offered by the foundation on the history of Sunkist. Paperback, 8x11 inches, 76 pages, b/w and color photos. $15.00+tax.

Citrus Roots .. Our Legacy Vol. II
Our Legacy...Citriculture to Citrus Culture

By Richard H. Barker with contributions from Marie Boyd, Frank Pinkerton and Peggy Cartwright. This is the story of people with strong-willed ideals, willing to take risks, which influenced the development of Southern California. The coverage focuses pictorially on the local components to the citrus cycle- citriculture to citrus culture- from Etiwanda to San Dimas and from Walnut to Ontario linking the life cycle of the citrus tree to other cycles which influenced successive change to this valley. Beautifully illustrated! Paperback, 8x11 inches, 166 pages. $29.95+tax.

Citrus Roots .. Our Legacy Vol. III
Our Legacy...Baldy View Entrepreneurs

This is a compilation of biographies of 24 local entrepreneurs who gave much to our community. You may have read excerpts in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin Paperback, 8x11 inches, 64 pages, b/w photos. $15.00+tax

Citrus Roots titles may now be purchased as a 3-volume set at the discounted price of $53.88 ($50.00 + tax $3.88), a savings of $10.71!