Monday, July 6

Public Works

Storm Drain Maintenance

Drain Ditches

The Operations Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the flow of water through ditches receiving storm water runoff from City maintained streets. This system consists of inlets or catch basins, open channels and ditches, underground pipelines, and detention ponds. City crews periodically clean the banks of the drainage ditches and remove any obstacles obstructing the flow of water through the ditch.

Residents are urged not to dispose of leaves or grass clippings into open drainage systems or to place any debris in a location that would impede the flow of water into the underground system. Such actions may result in serious flooding. Primarily, your responsibility is to help eliminate the amount of debris deposited in the ditches or on the ditch banks that can cause flooding. Also, this waste accumulates in, and pollutes areas adjacent to the ditches, and ruins the aesthetics for all citizens of Upland.

You can reduce storm-water pollution!

- Use Your recycling, refuse, & green waste containers.
- Rinse water based paint out of brushes and rollers in the sink not the street.
- Avoid using pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers when possible. If you must use yard chemicals, apply only as directed and never right before a storm.

In the event of flooding due to a blockage of the storm drain system, residents may call the Public Works Department at (909) 291-2930 during regular business hours of
8:00a.m. - 6:00p.m. In the event of a flooding emergency, please call Upland Police Dispatch at (909) 946-7624.