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Trash the Trash…but don’t Waste the Waste!!

Did you know that half of the refuse people generate is actually trash, and the rest is recyclable waste? In fact, the State of California believes so strongly that people can recycle half of their refuse that it has mandated that all municipalities divert 50% of their refuse from the landfills or face stiff penalties.

When you don’t recycle green waste and other recyclable items, landfills fill up quickly and new ones have to be built, adversely affecting the environment and increasing costs of waste disposal. When you do recycle, waste disposal costs are more manageable, landfills have capacity, and the world you live in is a cleaner, healthier place to live.

If you are a home owner or renter, contact Burrtec at (909) 949-0500 in order to initiate free recycling service (blue container). If you are a business or manage a dwelling complex, contact Burrtec to initiate free recycling services (white bin). Have your users place recyclables in your white recycling bin, and have your landscaper haul your green waste to a grass recycler.

Make sure you don’t waste your waste… put your green waste in your green container and the items listed below in your blue container (or white bin).








Junk mail

Cereal boxes (not wax bag)

Juice bottles

Plastic containers  #1 - #7

Aluminum soda cans

Food containers, clamshells

Telephone books

Tissue boxes

Beer bottles

Plastic water bottles

Aluminum beer cans

cups, bowls, & plates


Food boxes

Wine bottles

Plastic soda bottles

Fruit cans

...must be rinsed clean

Computer paper

Milk cartons

Liquor bottles

Plastic milk jugs

Vegetable cans


Juice boxes

Baby food jars

Plastic laundry jugs

Pet food cans

Egg cartons

Wrapping paper

Soda/beer cartons

Condiment jars

Shampoo bottles

Juice cans

Newspapers, magazines & brochures

Egg cartons (paper fiber)

Jam jars

Lotion bottles

Soup cans

packaging forms

Crayon drawings

Clean pizza box tops

Jelly jars

Food bottles

Sauce cans



Assorted  boxes

Assorted food jars & bottles

Condiment  & salad dressing bottles

Assorted tin & aluminum food cans


Office paper

Gift boxes

Salad dressing bottles

Motor oil containers

Metal coat hangers


Copy paper

Cardboard tubes

Cosmetic bottles

Vegetable oil bottles

Empty aerosol cans


Paper bags



Margarine tubs






Clam shell containers





Used diapers

Clothing & other products containing fabric

Mirrors & windows

Plastic grocery bags

Furniture & appliances

Computer monitors
(see e-waste program)

Used tissue products


Glass candle holders

Plastic lawn furniture


Stereos & TVs
(see e-waste program)

Soiled pizza boxes


Light bulbs

Plastic pools & toys

Auto parts

Batteries & fluorescent tubes
(see HHW program)

Used paper plates


Safety glass

Garden hoses

Metal lawn furniture


Used aluminum foil


Drinking glasses

Rubber materials



Wax paper


Ceramic dishes/cups

PVC pipe





For further recycling education:

Calculate your actual recycling impact by using the Conversionator link at the bottom of: 
See Diversion-Conversion Article

*Many Non-Acceptable items can be recycled at facilities found at: