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Baldy View Dog Park


General Information

Location: 11th Street between Mountain Avenue and San Antonio Avenue

Upland Dog Park/Baldy View Dog Park was established in April, 1999. It's a 5-acre fenced in park where people can bring their dogs and let them run around with other dogs. It's extremely healthy & beneficial for the dogs, and also for the owners, as it is a most social activity since everyone who meets there has at least one thing in common; dogs. The dog park also has a smaller fenced in area to accommodate small or timid dogs.

We have establised a formal committee to make sure the dog park is maintained and well taken care of and the committee is also charged with the responsibility to maintain peace and quiet at the park as well as making sure that everyone abides by the park rules and City ordinances, which are posted on a bulletin board so everyone can familiarize themselves with them.

A fun event for dogs and their owners are also held about once a month with focus on owner education, responsible dog ownership and community building. There are also fun contests, prizes, food and snacks for both dogs and owners.

The dog park publishes a bi-monthly newsletter and a small handbook called "The Dog Park Survival Guide".

To learn and read more about the dog park, rules, contests, etc, please visit the Upland Dog park website at


Reservable Areas: 0
Stage Platform: No
Ball Fields: No
Basketball: No
BBQ: Yes
Dog Park: Yes
Fitness Trail: No
Horseshoes: No
Open Grass Field: No
Picnic Tables: Yes
Picnic Shelter: No
Playground: Yes
Restrooms: Yes
Snack Bar: No
Soccer Field: No
Skate Park: No
Volleyball: No